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The professional network for AI/ML applied scientists, researchers, product managers and practitioners

Best value you can get. Free.

Community & Networking

We are now open for everyone to access our community with our sign-up below.  

General Membership


General guidelines for qualifications of entry
  • People with a wealth of AI/ML experience, including Applied Scientists/Researchers, Data Scientists, AI/ML Product Managers, ML Engineers, AI Solution Architects, Data Engineers and others.
  • People who have little to no AI/ML experience but are keen to be proactive and continue learning. 

General membership plan includes

These amazing benefits

  • Forums

    Forums specific to your role as well as technical forums on recommender systems, causal analysis, image recognition, and many more.

  • Tailored Events

    Events specifically tailored for AI/ML professionals will be provided to help further home your skills and network with others. 

  • Events

    Monthly events with guest speakers, Q&A, and networking sessions. 

  • Networking

    In addition to meeting people in the forums, we have AI based networking where people who opt-in are matched every month.

The AI/ML community you have been looking for.

Connect with global talent just like you. "This is the place to be when there isn't a conference."

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Want to network with some of the brightest talent in your field? You have found the right place! We utilize several questions to help find you the best match possible based on your interests. 

Engaging discussions

Sure, there may be a meme channel, but plenty of intelligent questions are being asked and answered in our forums. There is no such thing as a stupid question in our community as we are all here to help each other grow. 


Frequently asked questions


* Why is the membership plan free?

We want to build the community, so we intend to keep the main chat functionality and other features free. The one exception to this is the networking, which we will be incurring a per-person cost that we may switch to paid at a later date. Additionally some paid sections in the community may emerge related to courses, mentorship and otherwise. 

Will you ever start charging for monthly networking?

Who knows. It could be a year from now or never. We aren't in a rush to charge for pairing you for networking and have plenty of runway. However, this is one feature where we will be paying per person who utilizes the service, so we may opt for at least cost recovery in the future. 

How much will monthly networking eventually cost?

If we decide to charge for access to our platform's networking space, we will seek input from our community to determine a fair membership price that reflects the provided value.

The leading chat spaces will remain free forever, though, so there will be plenty of value people can receive without ever needing to provide a credit card.