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Home of the AI Product Leader Certificate (AIPLC)TM and the gold standard of AI/ML Product education. 

We also provide the professional network for AI/ML applied scientists, researchers, product managers, and practitioners.

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Our story

Paul Save founded Cascadia Data Science Institute in 2018 to develop global AI talent. We are offering what will become known as the gold standard in AI product leader education. Our AI Product Leader Certificate" (AIPLC)TM, compresses an intense education in ML, Deep Learning, GenAI, and soft and hard PM skills to shape the product leaders of the future. Our bleeding-edge curriculum starts on May 1, 2024 and more information can be obtained here.


A world where the benefits of AI/ML are equally accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic background.

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We bring together current and future AI/ML leaders in product, research, data science, data engineering, and MLOps to learn together and support each other in honing our specialties so that we can advance our careers and humanity.

Our team

Small, but mighty :) Instructor profiles coming soon.

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Paul Save   

CEO and Founder

I entered my first Kaggle (machine learning) competition in 2016 and have been a PM on data science projects in various industries. I have spoken on machine learning at events such as ProductCamp Vancouver/Seattle/PDX, Central 1 Momentum, AWS Initiate, and Microsoft's Machine Learning and Data Science conference. I am also an expert on the Mirror Committee "ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 - Artificial intelligence" where I helped establish the international management standard for AI: ISO-42001.

As a Métis, I value diversity and inclusion, and once I reach positive cash flow, I will start to offer scholarships to those in need for the programs and memberships we will offer.

I am also a Group Product Manager, Fulfillment Systems and Optimization at Best

Accelerate your data science career.