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AI Product Leader (Nanodegree) Certificate (AIPLC)TM

The gold-standard in AI PM education.

Become an AI Product Leader

What makes our certificate the gold standard? 

100+ Labs

Get hands-on with 100+ labs across all modules in Python, including machine learning, deep learning, and plenty of GenAI.  You will gain in-depth knowledge of the state-of-the-art, which is an invaluable skill as a PM. 

An AI Portfolio

We will assist you in publishing over 15 articles on AI product management thought leadership. Additionally, you will develop the skills to create an AI product on your own.

Lifelong colleagues

Our program offers small cohort sizes and smaller group assignments of two PMs so you can develop deeper relationships with your colleagues.

Top Instructors

Gain invaluable insights from over 20 world-class instructors and guest speakers, hailing from renowned companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other industry leaders, who are deeply committed to driving the field of AI Product Management forward.

Rigorous Exams

While other courses allow people to pass just for showing up, ours are rigorous. We provide support throughout each module, so we are confident that those who require additional support and seek help will be well-positioned to pass the exams. 

The gold-standard for AI PM education.

Get the course package today and see additional reasons why we are differentiated.

By completing the capstone and final exam, "you will differentiate yourself by being at the forefront of AI Product Management and be able to wield AI in a manner that others don't even realize is possible." ~ Paul Save, Founder

Our Curriculum

Overview of the 17 Modules 

Modules are taken sequentially, with modules 0 to 2 laying the foundation for PMs to ease into the more intensive material and give a starting point for a refresher for those who could benefit. As Module 16: final exams for the Artificial Intelligence Product Leader certificate is quite rigorous, it is suggested that students take modules 0 to 15 to prepare for this - discounts are provided for signing up for multiple modules simultaneously.  Additionally, every module successfully completed comes with a digital certificate of completion. 

Each module typically includes hands-on labs, a communications assignment, and an exam. Your performance in these graded components determines your pass/fail status for the module. The focus will be more on practical work and less on slide-based learning, as most materials are presented in Jupyter notebooks.

Hours of instruction are the following:
  • Tuesday, 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Thursday, 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Sunday, 9 am to 12 pm (Sunday classes are only for modules with 9 hours of live instruction per week.)

About the learning modules and certificate

  Pre-requisites for taking modules include the following:
1) At least 2 years (and preferably 5 years) of experience as a product manager. 
2) A reference from your manager demonstrating their support for this rigorous program.
  Admissions are selective as the content is very comprehensive and rigorous.
  Duration varies between 1 to 7 weeks for each module. The total duration to complete all the modules is 11 months including final exams. 
  Gold-standard of AI Product Management education to place you as a leader in your field. Some comparisons have shown a delta of 35% for those with the type of specialized AI knowledge that we teach.
  Location: live virtual learning that can be attended anywhere you can get a decent wifi signal. No need to fly, drive, or bike anywhere.
 Balance work, life, and this program since instruction is spread across short hours on evenings and weekends.  Our structure ensures a manageable workload, with the majority of modules having 6 hours per week of live instruction. See the course content for detailed outcomes, curriculum content and module start dates.
Next Start date is Thursday, June 20, 2024.
Revised Coat of Arms

Technical Modules

The first half of the modules are more technical so that skills learned here can be leveraged in later modules that are more PM-focused. 

  • Python for PMs (3 weeks)
  • Statistics for PMs (2 weeks)
  • Fundamentals of AI/ML for PMs (1 week)
  • Data Ingestion (ETL/ELT), Cleaning & Visualizing for PMs (3 weeks)
  • Machine Learning for PMs (2 weeks)
  • Deep Learning for PMs (3 weeks)
  • Generative AI for PMs (2 weeks)
  • Generative AI & LLMs for PMs (3 weeks)
  • Generative AI Agents with LangSmith & LangChain for PMs (4 weeks)
  • 0-1 Product Launch & Demo Day (7 weeks)
  • Preparation and Final Exams for Artificial Intelligence Product Leader CertificateTM (AIPLC)TM (4 weeks)

Non-Technical modules

This set of modules is more PM-skill-centric, where you can leverage technical skills learned in earlier modules. 

  • Pricing Data Science Platforms for PMs (1 week)
  • AI Ethics, Legal & Security Considerations for PMs (3 weeks)
  • Entrepreneurism and Execution for PMs (2 weeks)
  • AI/ML Product Lifecycle for PMs (3 weeks)
  • C-Suite Communication & Collaboration for PMs (2 weeks)
  • AI/ML Product Sense for PMs (1 week)
Which days of the week are the classes?
Classes are on the following days and times (PT):
  • Tuesday, 6 pm to 9 pm 
  • Thursday, 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Sunday, 9 am to 12 pm

Note: for the 6-hour weeks, your classes are only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Can I just challenge the final exams?
In short, yes, you can challenge the final exams without taking the modules. However, you will also need the following:
  1. To successfully complete a short-form version of the capstone demonstrating your hands-on ability. 
  2. To have demonstrated thought leadership in AI through blogs or otherwise. 
  3. To pass a preliminary exam to ensure you are prepared for the final exams.
What can I expect in the final exams?
The final exams are extremely comprehensive and include the following:
  1. True/false and multiple choice exam
  2. Open text written exam with multiple questions
  3. Verbal exam
  4. Five live-fire Jupiter Notebook, and data engineering problem solving
  5. A comprehensive, although not quite as rigorous as one to enter a PhD program, it will be darn close. You could also think of it as having four Amazon bar-raisers in a single interview, and you need a unanimous vote to pass. You will get 1-week to work on a problem and then come into an onsite proctored verbal exam at a location closest to you. (Only the proctor will be in the room with you, and the examiners will most likely all be remote.)

We provide you with all the support needed to ensure you are set up for success but expect even more effort to pass than is needed for a university graduate-level exam. Graduates can expect the AIPLCTM certificate to gain prestige throughout the AI/ML community due to its rigour. 

If I do not pass a section of the final exams, can I just retake that section?

Yes. You can get a total of 2-retakes and then will need to wait 6 months to retake it again. We do not list how many times it took to retake the final exam on your certificate or anywhere else and provide a wealth of resources to help ensure you pass the final the first time.