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Calling all Instructors

We are currently seeking instructors for various modules (courses) of various lengths that will be taught over an 11-month period starting in May 2024. The tentative timing for the module instruction will be in Pacific time on Tuesday 6-9pm, Thursday 6-9pm for the majority of modules. Modules 0: Python, Module 1: Statistics, and Module 15: 0-1 Product Launch and Demos will have an added day of Sunday from 9am-12pm for a total of 9hrs of instruction per week.

Contract Roles Available

Instructor (Contract) Roles

AI/ML Senior/Group Product Manager

Senior Data Scientist/Director of Data Science

Data Scientist

Senior Data Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer (posting coming soon)

Python Programmer

Full Stack Developer

UX Designer (posting coming soon)


Corporate (Contract) Roles

Data Scientist Blogger (posting coming soon)

Senior Data Scientist LLMs (MITACS - posting coming soon)

Guest Speaker Roles

Guest Speaker - Executive (L8 Google equivalent and above - posting coming soon)

Guest Speaker (Posting coming soon)


How many hours can instructors expect to teach per week?

There are 12 hours of live instruction per week. Most modules also have communication assignments, labs, and tests that require marking. However,  we will have a TA-like structure where we balance this work with interested instructors who are not teaching that week. 

What if we can't make one of the days we are scheduled to teach?

Illnesses and otherwise can be expected, so we can have someone cover for you under most circumstances. However, your teaching material must be provided to your backup before the lesson. 

Can we split a module with another instructor?

Yes. We allow for up to two instructors to teach modules normally intended for one. If you have someone in mind you would like to teach with, please let us know during the application process.

How soon can we start teaching?

This will be highly dependent on the module(s) you are selected for. Generally, we schedule instructors at least 6 months in advance; however, sometimes changes happen, and shorter time spans may occur. 

When can I hear back after I apply?

We try to get back to each applicant in a timely fashion, but sometimes this can take up to 2 weeks after you apply.